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DjangoFest Mill Valley

Throckmorton Theatre presents

DjangoFest Mill Valley

June 10-12, 2016

DjangoFest NorthWest

Whidbey Island Center for the Arts presents

DjangoFest Northwest

September 21-25, 2016

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Featured Articles

2016 Saga DjangoFest Award

Noé Reine announced as winner of the 2016 Saga DjangoFest Award for Outstanding Musicianship in the Genre of Gypsy Jazz!

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Watch his interview with Fapy Lafertin and hear what the master has to say about playing at DFNW '13

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Who is Django Reinhardt?

Django Reinhardt, Three-Fingered Lightning

Directed by Christian Cascio, this documentary tells the life story of Django Reinhardt.  Learn how this extraordinary man overcame the a horrible accident in youth and became known as the greatest guitar player of all time.

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