Saga DjangoFest Award

Saga DjangoFest Award

Noé Reine

Noé Reine

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Award Winners

  • 2006 Annie Staninec
  • 2007 Sammo Miltich
  • 2008 Jason Annick
  • 2011 Antoine Boyer
  • 2013 Gloria Ferry-Brennan
  • 2014 Quinn Bachand
  • 2015 Max O'Rourke
  • 2016 Noé Reine

Noé Reine

Noé Reine is a young jazz guitarist born in France in 1999. His passion for the guitar began at a concert tribute to the famous Django Reinhardt which he attended . Other great musicians will quickly expand his jazz influences , Bireli Lagrene, John McLaughlin and Larry Carlton. In his first album, Noé invites us to share his musical emotions, mixing original compositions and standards ( Michel Petrucciani , Henry Mancini ... ) , with the participation of other guests of choice: Rocky Gresset (guitar) and Costel Nitescu (violin) .

Noé Reine Quartet performed on June 25 at the 37th edition of the Django Reinhardt Festival of Samois sur Seine in France and several other festivals on his road to DjangoFest Northwest. We are proud and pleased to host this young virtuoso.

Award History

Saga DjangoFest Award

In 2005, upon the passing of Dudley Hill, as a way of remembering him and his unique musical gift, the award for Outstanding Young Musicians was created. The first award winner was not a person, but rather the Langley High School Music Department and the prize was a double-bass. The following year the Award went to Annie Staninec and she received a violin from Saga. Since then we've had seven other winners, as listed. Sadly, as the years go by, more members of the DjangoFest community have passed on. It is in their memory that we continue with this program, which we hope highlights the future masters of the genre.

The dear departed are listed below. This year is in memory of our good friend Dan Hicks, who played at the festival several times and is remembered for his vast contribution to American music.

We want to thank Saga Music for their continued sponsorship of this program and their generous support of DjangoFest over the years.

In Memory Of:

  • Dudley Hill
  • Michael Nutt
  • Drew Bamber
  • Patrick Saussois
  • Beryl Davis
  • Tony Ballogg
  • Judith Yeakel
  • Dan Hicks