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DjangoFest Mill Valley 2015

June 11-14, 2015

Celebrating its 10th year, DjangoFest Mill Valley, presented by the 142 Throckmorton Theatre, is back in this truly incredible venue, bringing the music and spirit of the great French/Belgian Gypsy guitarist, Django Reinhardt, to our many loyal fans.  We have a tremendous, world-class line-up this year, with four nights of concerts and three days of workshops all set in the beautiful Redwoods of Northern California.  

On Thursday, June 11th, we are presenting the World Premier of Gonzalo Bergara's twelve piece suite,  'de montes'  (the months).  Accompanied by the award-winning, Saga Strings,  this promises to be an historical event, the unveiling of a magnificent piece of music, destined to become a classic that transcends all genres.

On Friday evening, June 12th we have, making his Mill Valley début,  the German Gypsy 'Guitar Monster', Joscho Stefan.   His Mastery of the guitar is a thing to behold.  Joining him is Jeff Radaich and Brian Netzley from the Gonzalo Bergara Quartet and a special appearance from Gonzalo himself.  Opening for him, in their DjangoFest début, are the highly acclaimed East Coast favourites, Occidental Gypsy.  This will be be an awesome evening with something special for everyone

Saturday evening, June 13th.   Hot Club of Holland with Paulus Schäfer , Tim Kliphuis and Simon Planting bring their talents back to the Throckmorton , for an extraordinary display of virtuosity and musicianship done the 'Dutch way'.   This is the ‘real deal’, Gypsy Jazz played by three of the hottest players in Europe today. Opening for them is the incredible, Trio Dinicu, one of fastest rising groups on the scene today, with their exquisitely modern take on traditional Roma and Eastern European music, with a special appearance by the legendary Sinti bassist, Frank Anastasio.  

On Sunday, June 14th, at the earlier 3pm hour, the Rhythm Future Quartet, led by DjangoFest regular, Jason Annick and Olli Soikkeli, the Finnish phenomena, will amaze and delight with their highly original displays of virtuosity.  Opening for them is, the Leah Zeger Quartet, one the hottest new groups on the scene, led by the amazing Leah Zeger and backed by regulars from the Gonzalo Bergara Quartet.  A star in her own right Leah sings and plays both standards and her own brilliant compositions.

And as always, we will offer a world class series of workshops, designed for both the beginner and the advanced, with openings for both guitarist and violinists interested in pursuing this style.  See the workshop schedule.

After the show on Sunday, at 5:30 pm, all are invited for a Festival closing party at Vasco, featuring some delicious Italian food and drink, set to some fabulous 'Djamming'. 

Please join us and other Gypsy Jazz fans, players and enthusiasts from around the world, to congregate in beautiful  Mill Valley and attend this incredible series of concerts, workshops and impromptu ‘Djam’ sessions, featuring top internationally renowned players mixing it up with local stars and aficionados of the genre.

Presented by

142 Throckmorton Theatre

DFMV 2015 Lineup

  • Hot Club of Holland
  • Gonzalo Bergara Quartet
  • Joscho Stephan
  • Rhythm Future Quartet
  • Trio Dinicu
  • Leah Zeger Quartet
  • Occidental Gypsy
  • Saga Strings

Festival Closing Party

Vasco 5:30 pm Sunday, June 14th.  Delicious Italian cuisine, full bar, and lots of Djamming with the stars!


Thursday June 11th

  • Gonzalo Bergara Quartet - World Premier of 'de montes' (the months) - a 12 piece suite
  • Accompanied by Saga Strings.

Friday June 12th

  • Occidental Gypsy
  • Joscho Stephan w/ Jeff Radaich, Brian Netzley, and special guest Gonzalo Bergara

Saturday June 13th

  • Trio Dinicu with special guest Frank Anastasio
  • Hot Club of Holland w/ Paulus Schäfer , Tim Kliphuis and Simon Planting

Sunday June 14th

  • Leah Zeger Quartet
  • Rhythm Future w/ Jason Annick and Olli Soikkeli

Saturday June 13th

  • To Be Announced

    Check back for details

  • To Be Announced

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Sunday June 14th

  • To Be Announced

    Check back for details

  • To Be Announced

    Check back for details

Featured Artists

Hot Club of Holland

  • Paulus Schäfer - Guitar
  • Tim Kliphuis - Violin
  • Simon Planting - Bass

One of the great hot beds of contemporary Gypsy Jazz is Holland, and this lineup is among the best there can be!  Among them, this group of extraordinary musicians represents every facet of Gypsy Jazz music from heritage and culture to innovation, musicianship and leadership in the greatest Gypsy Jazz bands during the last 20 years.

Paulus Schäfer is an exceptional representative of the internationally renowned Dutch School of Gypsy jazz. He grew up in a Sinti community on a caravan camp in Nuenen, Holland, where everyday was spent playing with teachers as Waso Grünholz and Stochelo Rosenberg.  

The Neatherland’s Tim Kliphuis is an award-winning violinist and a legend in the Gypsy Jazz world. He has worked with the “best of the best” including The Rosenberg Trio, Fapy Lafertin and Angelo Debarre. He has performed at all the major Django festivals worldwide and is seen by many as the inheritor of  Stéphane Grappelli’s crown. His latest CD,  “The Grappelli Album”, has received rave reviews.

Simon Planting is the undisputed leader among Gypsy jazz bassists, having played with the crème de la crème of jazz manouche guitarists such as Fapy Lafertin, Jimmy Rosenberg, Angelo Debarre, Dorado, Tchavalo and Samson Schmitt, Robin Nolan, Andreas Oberg, John Jorgenson, Gonzalo Bergara, and other jazz greats, Larry Coryell, Bill Frisell, and Howard Alden to name a few. The Dutch native, who now lives in San Francisco, has toured the world numerous times playing Gypsy Jazz, and he has been a player on countless classic recordings of Gypsy Jazz during the past 30 years.

Gonzalo Bergara Quartet


  • Gonzalo Bergara -guitar
  • Leah Zeger - violin
  • Jeffrey Radaich - guitar
  • Brian Netzley - bass

Longtime DjangoFest favourite,  Gonzalo Bergara, has a restless  soul; his amazing compositions take us on journeys. At DjangoFest Mill Valley '15,  Gonzalo and his quartet will take us on a voyage through time, as we  present the World Premier and the CD release of,  'de montes' (the months),  a twelve- piece suite based on the calendar year.  Joining him for this special presentation are the highly acclaimed ladies from the ultra virtuoso quartet, Saga Strings.  This will be a unique, world-class performance,  one you will remember,  all 'de montes' of the year. 

Rhythm Future Quartet

  • Jason Anick - Violin
  • Olli Soikkeli - Guitar
  • Greg Loughman - Bass

When four young jazz virtuosos decided to join forces, the Rhythm Future Quartet was born. Named after the Django Reinhardt tune, the Rhythm Future Quartet performs dynamic and fiery arrangements of Gypsy jazz standards and original compositions. The quartet features Jason Anick on violin, Olli Soikkeli on guitar, and Greg Loughman on bass. Over the years they have individually been performing alongside top Gypsy jazz/swing musicians like John Jorgenson, Frank Vignola, Bucky Pizzarelli, Andreas Öberg, Mark O'Connor, and Howard Alden and have finally joined forces to form this special group. 

"Collective jaws dropped at the sheer virtuosity of The Rhythm Future Quartet!  The group's stellar musicianship, good humor, and reverence for this important musical tradition made for an unforgettable evening.  We can't wait to have them back!"

- Dana Packard, The Saco River Theatre

Joscho Stephan

  • Joscho Stephan- Guitar
  • Jeff Radaich - Guitar
  • Brian Netzley -Bass

When Joscho Stephan first arrived on the scene at the Samois Django Reinhardt Festival, more than ten years ago, the grounds were soon abuzz over this young German Gypsy 'guitar monster'.  Since then he has become an international musical sensation, known for having the amazing ability to play nearly anything you or he can imagine.  Besides his incredible “chops”and imagination, he has a willingness to explore and take chances that brings audiences back time and again to see his astonishing feats of digital dexterity, which is why we are pleased to be bringing Joscho back to DjangoFest Mill Valley for another dazzling display of six-stringed pyrotechnics.

Leah Zeger Quartet

Leah Zeger | Facebook

  • Leah Zeger- Vocals, Violin
  • Jeff Radaich- Guitar
  • Brian Netzley- Bass
  • Chris Irwin-Rhythm

Anyone who has been to DjangoFest in the past few years knows Leah. The Houston born violinist first sparkled as a jewel in Gonzalo’s band, then last year demonstrated her amazing vocal talents with The New Hot Club of America. She is back now with her own band bringing us Gypsy Jazz and much, much more. During the show she will be joined by guest artist Gonzalo Bergara and backed by some other familiar faces from the GB Quartet, promising to be a refreshing and memorable performance.  

Trio Dinicu

  • Luanne Homzy - Violin
  • Tommy Davy - Guitar
  • Frank Anastasio - Bass, Vocals

Hailed as "dazzling" by the San Francisco Chronicle, L.A.’s Trio Dinicu combines the forces of three world-class musicians - a lightning-fast violinist with touching expressivity, a virtuoso guitarist with Gypsy authenticity and a legendary Parisian bassist with deep soul - who bridge the gaps of classical, jazz and folklore, expanding these genres as never before.

Highly regarded for their unique creativity, Trio Dinicu blends the depth of classical training with the spontaneity of jazz and the excitement of the European folk tradition. They have performed for enthusiastic audiences across the United States and Canada at venues such as Djangofest Northwest in Washington and Music By The Sea at Bamfield in Canada, as well as on American National Public Radio. They have also engaged in performances for the under-privileged in collaboration with the L.A. based musical activists from Street Symphony.

Their repertoire consists of traditional pieces - folk, gypsy, classical or jazz - that the Trio reinvents in its own language, leaving the listener in awe and always wanting more. 

Occidental Gypsy

  • Eli Bishop – violin
  • Jeff Feldman- bass
  • Jeremy Frantz – vocals & guitar
  • Erick Cifuentes – percussion
  • Brett Feldman – lead guitar

Occidental Gypsy’s sound appeals to a wide spectrum of listeners, and their shows consistently draw enthusiastic audiences at colleges, arts centers, festivals and clubs. The band has found a unique, artful beat and plays a dynamic mix of original vocal and instrumental pieces-- as well as a few memorable standards-- in fun, exhilarating performances. Occidental Gypsy's music cannot be easily classified; a bit of jazz,a catchy strain of pop, and "a whole lotta’ gypsified swing…" 

Occidental Gypsy features award-winning violin prodigy Eli Bishop who recently toured with Wynton Marsalis and has also played with Bill Evans of the Miles Davis Group. This national touring act has played at the legendary Nighttown in Cleveland, Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, and Blue Wisp in Cincinnati. 

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