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DjangoFest Mill Valley 2016

Celebrating its 11th year, DjangoFest Mill Valley, presented by the Throckmorton Theatre, is back in this truly incredible venue, bringing the music and spirit of the great French/Belgian Gypsy guitarist, Django Reinhardt, to our many loyal fans.  Again, we have a tremendous, world-class line-up this year, with three nights of concerts and various workshops all set in the beautiful Redwoods of Northern California.

Friday evening, June 10th brings back one of the all-time DjangoFest favorites — the Robin Nolan Trio! Robin, a creative force in Gypsy jazz since the 1990s, is joined by longtime associate Simon Planting on bass and renowned guitarist Jeff Radaich who will hold down the rhythm chair. Robin Nolan is one of the best known teachers and musical ambassadors of contemporary Gypsy jazz. With this seasoned lineup of musicians, this will no doubt be a power trio show! Also Friday evening will be the Rhythm Future Quartet, a supergroup consisting of some of the best new Gypsy jazz players including Jason Anick on violin, Olli Soikkeli and Max O’Rourke on guitars, and Greg Loughman on bass.

Saturday evening, June 11th we are excited to present the great Gypsy jazz guitarist Stochelo Rosenberg. He will be accompanied by featured violinist Christiaan van Hemert, rhythm guitarist Brad Brose, and bassist Simon Planting. For many Gypsy jazz enthusiasts, Stochelo Rosenberg is the undisputed leader and master of the new contemporary Dutch Gypsy jazz sound. He’s brought Gypsy jazz to worldwide fame through performances with the Rosenberg Trio. For the Mill Valley show he will be joined by violinist Christiaan van Hemert, who has been a regular collaborator with Stochelo on projects ranging from recording dates and concert tours to an on-line Gypsy Jazz Academy. This will be a no-holds barred exhibition of Gypsy jazz at its best!

On Sunday, June 12th, the evening will be filled with sounds of Gonzalo Bergara and a string quartet playing Gonzalo’s original twelve-piece suite called The Months. You will hear Gonzalo as you’ve never heard him before! He worked for eight months to create and arrange this musical project. His guitar work will be joined by a four piece string quartet consisting of Leah Zeger, violin; Paul Cartwright, violin; Miguel Ferguson, viola; and Giovanna Clayton, cello. After Gonzalo’s show, there will be the traditional all-star Djam session featuring many of the festival’s artists.

As always, we will offer a world class series of workshops, designed for both the beginner and the advanced, with openings for both guitarist and violinists interested in pursuing this style.  See the workshop schedule.

Also, after Sunday night's concert and djam session, stay at the Throckmorton Theatre for the Closing Celebration Party.

Please join us and other Gypsy Jazz fans, players and enthusiasts from around the world, to congregate in beautiful Mill Valley and attend this incredible series of concerts, workshops and impromptu ‘Djam’ sessions, featuring top internationally renowned players mixing it up with local stars and aficionados of the genre.

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DFMV 2016 Lineup

  • Stochelo Rosenberg Quartet Featuring Christiaan Van Hemert
  • Rhythm Future Quartet
  • Robin Nolan Trio
  • Gonzalo Bergara - The Months


Friday June 10th 8pm

  • Robin Nolan with Simon Planting and Jeff Radaich
  • Rhythm Future Quartet

Saturday June 11th 8pm

  • Stochelo Rosenberg Quartet featuring Christiaan van Hemert on violin

Sunday June 12th 5pm

  • Gonzalo Bergara - The Months: a twelve piece suite based on the calendar year
  • All star djam with Stochelo, Robin, Gonzalo, Christiaan, Leah, Jeff, Brad and Simon

Saturday June 11th 11:00 am

  • Jason Anick: Swing Fiddle

    For this workshop we will focus on the art of improvisation within the swing/jazz idiom. Phrases and licks will be taught and put into practice within standard swing tunes. We will work to expand your improvisational “toolkit” in hopes to improve your confidence and comfort within a swing or jazz jam session. Previous knowledge of basic harmony (scales, arpeggios, chords) is encouraged. There will be a lot of handouts, so participants should be able to site read simple melodic phrases.
  • Olli Soikkeli: Gypsy Jazz Guitar

    Olli Soikkeli will conduct an in-depth workshop including discussion and demonstration of Django’s riffs, expressions and secrets. He will also discuss topics such as picking technique and tone to help you achieve that authentic Gypsy jazz 'sound'.

Saturday June 11th 2:00pm

  • Christiaan Van Hemert: Violin Improvisation Workshop

    During this workshop Christiaan van Hemert will explain his system for violin improvisation. The system is very different from the standard academic ways of learning improvisation.  It is based on exercises to outline 4 (or 5 depending how you look at it) basic harmonic colors while integrating random chromaticism. This will enable to the user to employ his creativity while still making (a lot) of harmonic sense. It is recommended for participants to be familiar with chord symbols.

  • Robin Nolan - The 4 Pillars of Gypsy Jazz

    Rhythm Refresher

    This is all about gypsy rhythm and I’ll be showing you how to do it right. We’ll dive into ‘La Pompe’ and Swing as well as the Bossa, Bolero, Samba, Waltz and Funk feels. Forget old bad habits and let me show you up close in detail the techniques needed to get these rhythms sounding great.

    Soloing – A New Perspective For Fast Results

    We’ll be breaking new ground here into the world of soloing and improvising over the most common gypsy jazz chord progressions. This is a 3 pronged approach where we’ll be learning Authentic Gypsy Licks and Phrases, Ear Training Drills and the Art of Flow which when tapped into will give your solos that magic touch of class every time.

    Gig Ready Boot Camp

    In this session we’ll be learning all the tools and techniques you need to deliver a stellar live performance. Intros that get the song flying before you’ve played the melody. Endings that guarantee applause. How to deal with Nerves and Stage Fright. How to make a Killer Set List. Key Changes that aren’t cheesy. Mindset and Concentration. How to Memorise Songs plus more practical and useful tricks that will upgrade your performances.

    Making Music

    This is where we’ll learn the art of ensemble playing and the tools we need to make sweet music together. We’ll dig deep into all the different live combinations we find ourselves in on stage or at a jam. The Roles of playing Rhythm and Lead guitar. Duo playing and how to Accompany using Bass Lines. How to successfully play 4’s with another soloist. Rhythm Solos that impress. The Art of Dynamics. How to make your own Arrangements. Telepathy and how to go with the moment plus many more techniques I’ve learnt and want to share.

Sunday June 12th 11:00 am

  • Stochelo Rosenberg, Christiaan van Hemert: Gypsy Jazz The Rosenberg Way

    In this unique workshop attendees will be guided by the teaching team of the Rosenberg Academy (Stochelo Rosenberg and Christiaan van Hemert) through the basics of Gypsy jazz guitar. The workshop will consist of demonstrations, explanations and detailed instructions on achieving that instantly recognizable Gypsy jazz guitar sound by using the right techniques and practice methods. Stochelo has years of experience playing both as a soloist and rhythm player all over the world and havsthe ability to always be at the top of his game, no matter the circumstances. Christiaan has developed a teaching method which is used by hundreds of guitar players around the world at the Rosenberg Academy online. The application and explanation of this method in a live situation illustrated with on the spot demonstrations by Stochelo Rosenberg himself will prove an inspirational and invaluable experience. Brad Brose will also assist during the workshop on rhythm guitar. Don't miss this one!

Prices and Seating Info

Prices and Seating Info

Get tickets to all of the DjangoFest Mill Valley shows online from the Throckmorton Theatre.

Featured Artists

Stochelo Rosenberg Quartet Featuring Christiaan van Hemert

  • Stochelo Rosenberg - Lead Guitar
  • Christiaan van Hemert - Violin
  • Brad Brose - Thythm Guitar
  • Simon Planting - Bass

Since 2005, Stochelo Rosenberg (guitar) and Christiaan van Hemert (violin) have been regular collaborators on many projects: from recording dates and concert tours to teaching workshops. In 2011 they started a very successful on-line Rosenberg Academy which can be found at Both Stochelo and Christiaan share a deep love for the early recordings of Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli and they enjoy recreating some of the original arrangements of the Hot Club de France.

Born in a Dutch Sinti Gypsy camp, Stochelo started playing guitar at age 10. His teachers were his father, his uncle and the records of Django Reinhardt. When he was 12, he and his band won first prize in a Dutch national children's TV-contest and never looked back. Today, he is a world renowned ambassador for Gypsy jazz and one of the most popular, in-demand guitarists in the world. He won countless awards, played and recorded with the biggest names across many styles and was a special guest of Grappelli himself in the Carnegie Hall in New York.

Christiaan van Hemert studied violin and double bass at the Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague conservatories and graduated with honors for both instruments. He has produced and participated in countless concerts playing with - among others - the Rosenberg Trio, Mozes Rosenberg, Roby Lakatos, Tchavolo Schmitt and Juan José Mosalini and was the conductor/arranger of his own symphonic orchestra for several years. He is also a well known tango bandoneón player and bluegrass instrumentalist. Besides a busy concert schedule he also teaches jazz violin in the master department of the Rotterdam Conservatory.

Rhythm Future Quartet

  • Jason Anick - Violin
  • Olli Soikkeli - Guitar
  • Max O'Rourke - Guitar
  • Greg Loughman - Bass

The acoustic jazz ensemble, Rhythm Future Quartet has a straightforward agenda: to keep the spirit of Gypsy jazz alive and expanding in today’s musical universe. The virtuosic foursome, named for a Django Reinhardt tune, offers up a newly minted sound, influenced by the classic Hot Club of France, yet wholly contemporary. Led by violinist Jason Anick and guitarist Olli Soikkeli, the quartet performs dynamic and lyrical arrangements of both Gypsy jazz standards and original compositions that draw upon diverse international rhythms and musical idioms. With Max O’Rourke on second guitar and Greg Loughman on bass, Rhythm Future is dedicated to expanding the boundaries of a vital musical genre.

Where the band’s self-titled debut album re-visited classic jazz and Gypsy jazz favorites, Travels, the quartet’s current release, concentrates on group originals that make captivating use of musical sources from outside the conventional Gypsy jazz terrain. Travels reflects both the accumulated knowledge garnered from the groups world wide touring as well as the international influences that inspired new rhythmic and harmonic possibilities within their compositions and arrangements.

Jason Anick, an award-winning composer and one of the youngest professors at the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston, has shared the stage with an array of artists including Grammy award winning guitarist John Jorgenson, Stevie Wonder, The Jim Kweskin Jug Band, and Tommy Emmanuel. Olli Soikkeli (coined “the Finnish boy wonder”) recently made the move from Scandinavia to New York City, where he quickly became a top call guitarist in the bustling Brooklyn jazz scene. He has performed alongside rising star Cyrille Aimee, Paulus Shafer, Bucky Pizzarelli and many others.

Max O’Rourke was the winner of the 2015 Saga Award from DjangoFest Northwest, and at 19 has already toured/recorded with many of the top American Gypsy Jazz musicians including John Jorgenson and Gonzalo Bergara. Greg Loughman is a top call bassist in Boston and has been heard with such luminaries as Sheila Jordan, Curtis Fuller and George Garzone.

Robin Nolan Trio

  • Robin Nolan - Guitar
  • Simon Planting - Bass
  • Jeff Radaich - Guitar

The Robin Nolan Trio is back with long-time associate Simon Planting on bass and renowned guitarist Jeff Radaich holding down the rhythm chair. Robin has been a favorite at DjangoFest throughout the country since it’s first inception in 2001, and is known around the world for his unique approach to the Gypsy Jazz. He is one of the best known teachers in the genre and a creative force who has help define the sound of Gypsy Jazz music since the 1990’s. Simon Planting is a powerhouse bass player who has played with every major Gypsy jazz artist in the world. He is the undeniable defination of the sound of bass in Gypsy Jazz. Jeff Radaich played rhythm guitar with the Gonzalo Bergara Quartet, and as a solo guitarist in his own right, is also a member of the L.A. band, Black Market Trust.

Gonzalo Bergara - The Months

  • Leah Zeger - Violin
  • Paul Cartwright - Violin
  • Miguel Ferguson - Viola
  • Giovanna Clayton - Cello

Longtime DjangoFest favorite, Gonzalo Bergara, has a restless soul and his amazing compositions take us on his musical journeys. At DjangoFest Mill Valley 2016, Gonzalo with an all-star four-string quartet will take us on a voyage through time, as they perform “The Months", a twelve-piece suite based on the calendar year. This will be a unique, world-class performance, one you will remember, all The Months of the year.

Gonzalo worked eight months to create and arrange this massive musical project. Although known best for his unique approach to Gypsy Jazz, Gonzalo has had a love of classical music that predates his love of Django Reinhardt’s music. As he notes, "I always felt drawn to those (classical) harmonies; it’s so intense. It’s like what music wants be when it grows up.” Joining Gonzalo is a lineup of world-class musicians in a special four-string quartet.


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